session 02
featuring Avantguard, Julie Goes Overseas and The Tick
28 January 2012 / 8.00pm / RM15
Eightyfourcube Studio Gallery

Hey guys, last weekend was amazing!! Thanks to those who came, especially to our friends who came all the way from JB to support Half Asleep and Plague Of Happiness

We had good time and we are happy to announce our 2nd showcase! 
This Saturday we gonna have Avant Guard, Julie Goes Overseas and The Tick!!
help us to spread the words! and make sure you'll be here this weekend! :D


The Goodnight Club a small and almost 'private' acoustic show series organized by Eightyfourcube Studio Gallery for fans to have the chance to hang out with the band; unlike any other shows where there's too many people you will have no chance to talk with the band. So, this is your time to get to know them. We gonna have simple Q&A session between audience and the band in between songs. Or it might not be questions, we can just chat, share stories and have fun.

Small space, limited floor seats, snacks and good music.

space are limited to 50 persons only.
to book your space please add us in facebook and message us your name, phone number and email.

Don't forget to say Goodnight after the show ends. :)

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