Aesthetics first anniversary

We are going to exhibit some of our prints and paintings for Aesthetic 1st anniversary.
This coming Thursday at The Library, E-Curve. Admission is free!! ^_^



Welcome to our brand new 2011 website!!!

So, what's new?

0) New year, New logo, New look, New website, New future!
1) We have simplified our division, we combined Snap! Studio with Cubelab. So now we have Cubelab, Spacecube and Soundcube.
2) A new blog, as u can see. We are looking for contributors too!
3) New Cubies section where you can read more about us. You can also view our photos, old and new since 2004!
4) We've uploaded new artworks from cubies (more will be uploaded soon) and selected client's project in Cubelab. We are now working on our new Showreel for motion graphic.
5) We still working on providing postage services for our Cube:gear products.
6) Spacecube is now available for you to rent and organize small events. We also uploaded photos of previous events held here.
7) Spacecube Store is not yet ready to go online. We are rearranging the products. Soon we'll upload the catalogue and we'll provide postage service for u to shop online.
8) We change Rawk Station to Soundcube.
9) Our next project, fantastic FOWDODS is in progress! hep hep hep!
10) We have a download section now!! for now, we have a few desktop wallpapers, soon we'll add up iphone / ipad wallpapers and few icons and web banners.

Hope u enjoy your stay here, we will try to update this website frequently with more photos and news.
If u have any interesting projects or collaboration ideas, do hit us up!!
Spread the words around guys!! errr....i mean the link!

Cute Cubies.

the cr84tive quote up there on our blog header, was created by ASRULSANI. so credits to him! hey!

(It took me like few months working on this website alone. So its really a relief for me to finally getting it done and online. just saying. haha.)