KLDW 2010 : NOVA : session two

Character Design & Illustration (Building A Profession Over Doodling)

Program details:
A jovial talk by 4 young & passionate designers about how they transform their childhood pastimes such as: cartoons watching, comics reading & characters doodling... to their main design profession.

Speakers: ActionTintoy, Gilamon, Najib Arttech & Soefara Jafney
Venue: Gallery Petronas (3rd floor, KLCC)
Date: 16th May 2010 (Sunday)
Time : 2.30 pm –4.30 pm

4 speaker's info:

ActionTintoy Studio, a 10 years old award-winning Character Design studio in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Founded by Tintoy Chuo, a multimedia design graduate that uncovered his true passion in cartoon and character creation, where he has done Mascot design for KFC Malaysia, Astro XTY channel, Cadbury Malaysia, Singapore Tourism, Nike Singapore, Channel-V Hong Kong, Swatch China, 7-up China, GamePox Sweden & many more. Recently ActionTintoy won 1st as the grand winner for MDeC's IPCC animation Super-Pitch contest.

Besides being conventional artist, ActionTintoy is also involved in new media design such as animated series & A.R.(Augmented Reality) development. His creative expertise has reached across the globe and back: Singapore, Beijing, Hong Kong, Sweden, Canada and USA.

No stranger to design magazines and web portals, ActionTintoy constantly involves in international design collaboration campaigns to aid in promoting and increasing awareness about the Malaysian design industry, & giving talks nationally to share his valuable insight about character design.

Website: www.actiontintoy.com


Najib a.k.a Art:Tech, is no stranger to the art scene. He is a self taught artist, designer and photographer from Kuala Lumpur. Ever since 2003, Art:Tech, one of the founder and pioneer members of Eightyfourcube collective, has been actively contributing to the local art scene. He's into drawing, digital graphic, motion graphic, photography and drums. He loves fine details, wires, robots, weird characters, monsters and beautiful composition. His artworks are mostly pen on a4 size paper and digitally colored. The reason he choose a4 size paper as his canvas is to challenge himself to create neat and detailed line art on a piece of normal-everyday paper. He also works on other different mediums and sizes as well. His artworks had been exhibited in local exhibitions & major events, and also featured/published in local & international magazines, e-magazines & websites. He's now the owner and director of Eightyfourcube Studio Gallery. (www.eightyfourcube.com)

Website: www.eightyfourcube.com/artistechnology/


Gilamon is an independent label that specializes in both storytelling - using comic books as a medium - and design. It is co-founded by three comic book artists - namely Lefty, Michael Chuah, and Chi Sau Lim.

Lefty has been working as a designer and art director from advertising industry(Ogilvy and Mather) to publication(MOY and Gempak Starz). Last year, he went to Singapore to be the editor of Storm Lion Ltd, co-producing works for Radical Comics, LA. Lefty took part in various conventions including New York and San Diego Comic Con. In 2009, he was selected as one of the "40 Under 40" artist/designer by Hong Kong design and architecture magazine, Perspective.

Despite doing all of the above, Lefty really wants to just create his own stories in graphic format, which is what he is doing now full time.

Website: www.gilamon.com


Soefara Jafney started out in apparel design and since has turned her creative hands to apparel, advertising, character, web, print, illustration and identity. She believes in articulating, while bringing an inquisitive and imaginative approach to all these disciplines.
Currently operating as an art director in an advertising agency and freelancing for various clients.
To name a few she has worked with; IBM, Maxis, Ovaltine, Heineken, HSBC, Hong Leong Bank, Boston Consulting Group, Cadbury, Jacobs, Sunsilk.

Website: www.soefara.com

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